Eighty percent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 have acne, and 20% of those people will develop acne scars. Acne scars can affect your self-confidence and cause psychological distress. Fortunately, scarring doesn’t have to be permanent. 
At Martha Viera Dermatology, we want you to know about your options for treating acne scars. We offer many procedures, and one of these procedures is the chemical peel. 

How and why acne leaves behind scars 

Acne breakouts are caused by the pores in your skin getting clogged with dead skin cells or oil and sweat. These blemishes can cause inflammation in your skin and start to break down the walls of your pores. Your skin will try to repair itself and as it does this, your body creates new collagen. 
If the blemish is shallow, it should heal quickly with no scarring. However, if the blemish is large and starts to damage the surrounding skin tissue, dimpled scars can be left behind. Another type of scar that’s raised can form if your body produces too much collagen as it tries to repair itself. 
The risk of developing acne scars is higher if you delay treating inflammatory acne, have family members with acne scarring, or if you pick at the blemish as it’s trying to heal. 
The good news is that scarring doesn’t have to be permanent. There are many treatment options available to reduce the appearance of acne scars, and one of those treatments is a chemical peel. 

What is a chemical peel? 

A chemical peel, or dermapeeling, is a mixture of chemicals that are applied to your face. The chemicals will start to remove the top layers of your skin to reveal younger and smoother skin underneath. 
Chemical peels get their name from the fact that your old layer of skin will start to blister and then peel away. 
Chemical peels against your acne scars 
After the chemical peel removes the top layers of your skin, it’ll reveal a layer of skin underneath that has minimal blemishes and scarring. Chemical peels are able to smooth your skin texture and tone, lighten any dark spots, and unclog your pores to help prevent future breakouts. 
If you’re looking for a way to repair your scars and get your smoothest skin yet, you can call our team at Martha Viera Dermatology at 954-287-2515 or use our online scheduling tool to book an appointment today. 
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