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Acne scar treatment smooths your skin’s surface from the bumps and indentations left behind from acne. At Martha Viera Dermatology in Coral Gables, Florida, Martha Viera, MD, treats scarring using the latest dermatologic and aesthetic procedures. To learn more about acne scar treatment and get answers to your questions, call Martha Viera Dermatology or schedule a consultation online today. 

Acne Scar Treatment Q&A 

What are acne scars? 
Acne scars are the texturized marks left on your face after an acne breakout. Not everyone who gets acne will get acne scars, but they develop due to the inflammatory damage to your collagen. While some shallow acne scars heal quickly and are not permanent, other acne scars can last for years. 
Shallow scars are the result of inflammation breaking down the tissue surrounding an acne lesion, but there are raised acne scars, too. These are due to an overproduction of collagen to repair the damage left by acne. 
Fortunately, treatments for any type of acne scar are available. Martha Viera Dermatology offers multiple choices for treating acne scars and can guide you through making your decisions for treatment during a consultation. 
How does acne scar treatment work? 
There are a few acne scar treatments that can help rebuild collagen to heal your skin or break down scar tissues for raised acne scars. If you’re interested in repairing your acne scars for smoother skin, your dermatologist might recommend: 
Chemical peel 
A chemical peel strips away your skin’s top layers of cells using a curated mixture of chemicals. The new skin that grows in its place has fewer visible scars and blemishes. 
Dermabrasion is a procedure that also works by removing your skin’s top layer and causing new surface cells to grow. It uses a specialized tool to cause enough friction to remove skin cells. 
Laser treatments 
Laser treatments deliver heat into your skin that stimulates collagen production to repair your acne scars. 
Dermal fillers 
Dermal fillers are thick injectable products that go beneath your skin via injection to add volume. Using Aquagold® microinfusion, your dermatologist delivers small amounts of the product into your skin to minimize the appearance of recessed acne scars. 
Are the results of acne scar treatment permanent? 
The results of most acne scar treatments are not visible right away, but they can be permanent. When a treatment stimulates the growth of collagen, it takes some time after the treatment for that growth to occur. Once it does, the new collagen is there to stay. 
Alternatively, using fillers for acne scars is not necessarily a permanent solution. You’ll need additional injections every few months or years since the fillers do not permanently smooth your skin. 
You can get the best results from any treatment for acne scars by taking great care of your skin. Use a daily moisturizer, wear sunscreen every day, never use tanning beds, and try to stop smoking. 
Schedule your acne scar treatment consultation over the phone or online at Martha Viera Dermatology today. 

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